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A New Generation Republican

Common Sense Business Solutions


Take Part in Something Great

Don't forget to take part in our country's great democratic process by voting in the Republican Primary Election this August 18th, 2020!

For further information on when and how to vote, check this out!



Putting My Experience
to Work for District 12

 Colin is a small business owner who is unafraid to express his views as a pro-Trump Republican.

 Pro-growth policies in the last 3 years have reduced minority unemployment and made it possible for many small businesses to grow and thrive prior to the Covid-19 Virus. Colin also supports federal, state and local policies that put American Workers and American Families first, which include securing our borders, adopting a merit based approach to encourage legal immigration, and ensuring fair trade deals.

 Colin was born in Nebraska, then went to school and spent most of his life in FLORIDA, including co-founding a small real estate investment company in Jacksonville in 2018. 

 Colin's hobbies include quail hunting, and various sports such as MMA, swimming and ballroom dance.


Colin strongly supports JAX first responders, including police, firefighters, and EMT. 

 Colin also strongly supports our military families and Veterans, and comes from a family with a long line of military service.


Colin believes in strongly funding our military--to ensure it is the best equipped on the planet, but agrees with President Trump that as a nation we should bring our troops home from the Middle-East and avoid becoming entangled in endless foreign wars.


 Colin was a H.S. and College athlete; a Varsity wrestler and Captain of his Diving Team all 4 years in H.S and a member of the Swimming/Diving Team in his College (Division III); Colin is a practicing Christian who believes in applying the Golden Rule.


After college, Colin spent one year as an Acting Instructor and Assistant Theater Director before working in marketing and sales at a couple of technology start-up companies and then returning to FL and co-founding the small real estate investment company in Jacksonville that he runs today.



1) Defend our Constitutional Rights, including the First and Second Amendments;

2) Expand education options for parents and students (charter & religious & home schooling);

3) Care for our Veterans and Military Families;

4) Support our Police, Firefighters and Medical First responders;

5) Put American Workers and American Families First;

6) Protect the most vulnerable within our community;

7) Cut taxes and regulations to grow the economy;

8) Improve JAX infrastructure (roads, port etc.);

9) Bipartisan local solutions for local issues;

10) Decriminalize and Regulate marijuana;

11) Limit government (less is more) and let free markets flourish to create FL innovation & JOBS for JAX;

12) When in doubt, apply the Golden Rule: treat others as you would have them treat you, with dignity and respect.


Less Government, More Liberty

Colin is a strong advocate of religious liberty and free speech on ALL topics, including 2A and the right to life and is concerned by the increasing censorship of everyday citizens' speech and advocacy online by Big Tech. Colin believes these monopolies need to act as neutral platforms and stop censoring content they disagree with.


Colin supports various options for education, including charter schools, religious schools and home-schooling. Let parents decide how to educate their children.


Colin personally supports traditional marriage, but takes a "Live & Let Live" approach when it comes to issues of Gay Marriage and believes that Government has no place in the bedrooms of the Nation, just as the Government has no place in the Churches of the Nation. Differing lifestyle choices and religious beliefs are best left to the freedom of the individual.


Similarly Colin believes strongly in the Right to Self Defense and the Constitutional protection provided to all citizens by the 2nd Amendment.

Colin supported medical legalization of marijuana in FL due to the obvious benefits and relief seen by our heroic Veterans suffering from PTSD and chronic pain, as well as others with serious ailments. Colin is in favor of full legalization with sensible regulation as he believes our Police have more important duties than enforcing minor marijuana laws.


The epidemic of opioid overdose deaths and veteran suicides is what government (federal, state and local) should focus on instead.


Colin believes that Republicans who thirst for constitutional liberty & common sense solutions and are tired of electing career politicians into office, should make a change this election season and support Donald Trump for President and Colin Ross McArthur for Republican State Rep, District 12. 


Let's put American Workers and American Families first.  Vote for common sense business solutions that keep and grow American Jobs in our District.


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